Custom Materials

Custom Materials are at the heart of LessonPix: they are what makes these tools so powerful. In moments, and with no scissors or glue-stick, teachers and parents can create:

  • Bingo Cards
  • Coloring Pages
  • Picture Cards
  • Pattern Strips
  • Spinners & Game Boards
  • And Many More!

Ask For Cards

"Ask For" Cards are visual cards used for reminders to ask. The cards show a child asking and then the result.Learn More

Begin to End

Teaching Beginning, Middle, and End: You can teach Sequencing, Phonics, Story Order and much more with these versatile Beginning/Middle/End CardsLearn More

Bingo Cards

We offer custom Bingo cards for your needs. Learn how to use them in the classroom for concepts, vocabulary, speech and language and math skills.Learn More


Bookmark templates have 1 to 3 pictures on each bookmark. Great for cues or tasks while reading.Learn More

Books and Stories

Small books can be created with a picture and words on each page. Books may show sequence pictures of a published story read, social story, list of related pictures, speech words for a student to practice, or recall event activities.Learn More

Calendar Cards

Teachers or parents who use a classroom wall calendar can create calendar cards with the date and a picture in a pattern.Learn More


Need a quick certificate to acknowledge accomplishments. Custom make your own with symbols that correspond to the award.Learn More

Clothespin Number Cards

With these number cards, students can select the matching numeral to the set of pictures using clothespins, bingo markers, playdough, magnets, or markers.Learn More

Coloring Sheets

Custom Coloring Sheets are a snap to create and provide many interesting classroom activities.Learn More

Custom Dice

These paper dice are easy to create and great for many fun activities.Learn More

Cutting Lines

Cutting Lines template is a simple material where students can cut or trace a line toward a picture.Learn More

Cutting Shapes

The Cutting Shapes Template places a picture inside shapes for students to trace or cut.Learn More

Daily Report

Daily Report is a template that provides a form to write in reports, notes, or parent communication.Learn More

Do and Do Not Cards

"Do and Do Not" cards provide a visual which shows 2 pictures. One picture has the word "Do" over it, and the other picture has the words "Do Not". The "Do Not" picture has a choice of X or the "no" sign on top of it.Learn More


Create a dominoes set using pictures or photos you select. This is a great activity for teaching vocabulary, matching skills, and speech.Learn More

Door Hanger Signs

Door hangers: signs that hang on a door knob to tell visitor what's happening inside. "Come in!" "Quiet Please", "Testing" or "Kids at work".Learn More

Election Ballots

Election Ballots are a great tool for teaching about elections and voting for class consensus.Learn More

Find the Match

Find the Match is a worksheet-style template where students draw a line to match items in one column with another.Learn More

Find the Picture

Students can scan a busy, big picture to locate specifically chosen smaller pictures.Learn More

First Then Board

First Then Boards are used as a visual strategy to help children learn new skills, manage challenging behaviors, or follow a simple schedule.Learn More


Flashcards can be used for drills, games, visuals, or communication starters. This template create 4 cards per page.Learn More

Fortune Tellers

Fortune Tellers (Cootie Catchers) are an origami paper fortune teller that you can customize for specific purposes.Learn More

Game Boards

Game Boards can be customized to teach specific vocabulary or skills.Learn More

Game Spinner

Spinners are a fun way to make choices or play games.Learn More

Graphing Sheets

LessonPix allows users to create graphing pages with your choice of pictures and words for various graphing lessons.Learn More

I Am Working For...

This materials allows teachers, parents, and therapist to show the desired goal (a reward) and the steps to earn it.Learn More

I Have Who Has

"I Have Who Has" is a fun "round robin" game used to teach vocabulary and early reading skills.Learn More

Lacing Cards

Lacing Cards are a favorite of both boys and girls in Early Childhood. They develop Visual Perceptual skills and provide wonderful Fine Motor practice.Learn More

Large and Small Picture

This material, although hard to name, is a simple and versatile worksheet. It has a large picture and several small pictures underneath that a student can cut and glue on to the big picture.Learn More

Menus and Lists

Menus and Lists are a material with a list of pictures from two to six pictures. There are a few themes to choose from such as diner, cupcake, and polk-a-dot.Learn More

Multiple Choice Cards

Multiple Choice cards are cards that have one big picture and three smaller pictures.Learn More

Name Tags

Name Tags can be used for classroom management as well as for academic and therapy materials.Learn More

Number Cards

Number cards are math cards that can be used in many ways to teach numerals and one-to-one correspondence.Learn More

One Page Picture

This material is a s simple as it sounds. It is one picture per page with no boxes or extra words. It can be used as signs, visuals, flip charts, and more.Learn More

Pattern Strips

Pattern Strips allow you to use your selected pictures in a pattern. The page includes an AB, AAB, and AABB patterns.Learn More

Picture and Words

"Picture and Word" cards can be used throughout the classroom in multiple activities and learning centers.Learn More

Picture Cards

Simple pictures cards can be used for so many purposes from memory games to story sequencing to picture communication systems.Learn More

Picture Schedules

There are many types of schedules that can be used for many different purposes. This article provides an explanation, ideas, and free sample of each type of schedule.Learn More

Playing Cards

Build a deck of cards using pictures you select or upload. Your playing cards may consist of up to four different background colors with each picture.Learn More

Puzzle Picture Cards

This materials has 2 pictures that match together in a puzzle connection. Great for matching pictures that have similar characteristics - rhyme, beginning letter, opposite, go together, etc.Learn More

Scales and Ratings

The Scales/ Ratings template offers many styles where users can sequence their pictures along a continuum for self-evaluation or rating.Learn More

Semantic Maps

Semantic Maps are a visual way to organize information. The large concept is placed in the middle and surrounded by details or related items.Learn More

Sorting Mats

Sorting mats can help children classify and organize small objects, pictures, or word cards.Learn More

Stay on Topic Visual

Choose pictures inside the speech bubble as a visual reminder to stay on topic.Learn More

Stick Puppets

Print stick puppets to use to teach literacy for creative storytelling, retelling, sequencing, and character development.Learn More

Tab and Flap Cards

Tab and Flap Cards are visuals that can be placed on a ring and easily accessible at your finger tips. These are great for behavior support as well as curriculum content.Learn More

Tally Cards

Tally cards contain a picture with boxes underneath - great for counting repetitions or behaviors related to the picture.Learn More

Tic Tac Toe

Add pictures to a Tic Tac Toe board to practice vocabulary or articulation while you play!Learn More

Treasure Map

Treasure Map can be used to create a map of a sequence to follow. This materials allows 2 to 4 pictures to sequence.Learn More

Weekly Tracking Chart

This material consists of a grid with the days of the week along the top and 1 to 8 pictures down the side. This works well for behavior charts and tracking data.Learn More

When I Am

This template is a first-then type visual that shows a "first" and choices for the "then".Learn More

Writing Pages

Writing and Drawing pages can be create to have lines and/or box for a drawing area. Images can be placed on the writing page to indicate a topic or decorative for holidays / themes.Learn More