For Teachers

In addition to having great scalable clip art, LessonPix creates great teaching materials that you can use in your lesson plans. The best part is you can build these custom teaching materials to focus on curriculum you're teaching:

  • Learning the letter D
  • Reinforcing the trip to the Zoo
  • Expressing Feelings
  • Working on the SHHH sound
  • Learning our Classmates
  • Classroom Control and Rules

Learn how to make the most of LessonPix materials and pictures in your Lesson Plans with these tips and articles.

5 TO-DOs for Back To School

There are 5 things that every teacher or SLP must do to prepare for back-to school; and LessonPix can make it easy and great!Learn More

A Step Ahead: Beginning the Year with Proactive Discipline

Teachers need to begin every school year by examining the many facets of their classroom learning environment in order to take a proactive look in preventing discipline problems.Learn More

Blocks Center With Core

Core words can be integrated within a blocks center area in an early childhood classroom.Learn More

Building Community

The beginning of the year is a time for building a sense of community in the classroom. Here are a few theme ideas for building the classroom community.Learn More

Categorizing and Themes

Create materials using pictures from a theme or category to help promote language and acquisition of new vocabulary.Learn More

Center Time With Core

Center time is a rich learning time where children explore and practice. Here are ways to embed core in common learning centers.Learn More

Christmas Activities for Kids

Here are some beginning Christmas Activities for kids.Learn More

Classroom Jobs

There are many jobs students can do to take responsibility for their classroom.Learn More

Classroom Rules

At the beginning of the year, most teachers discuss and brainstorm a list of classroom rules and compile them into a set of 4-6 rules to display in the classroom. There are some important points to keep in mind as you and your class work through this beginning of the year ritual.Learn More


Resources and information about core vocabulary.Learn More

Core Vocabulary Storybooks

Ideas of how to use storybooks to teach Core Vocabulary.Learn More

Dramatic Play With Core Vocabulary

There are many fun ways to model core communication in the Dramatic Play Center within the Early Childhood Inclusive Classroom.Learn More

Egg-celent Ideas for Spring

Each spring, many classrooms dedicate a week to the theme of "eggs". Here are some great ideas to promote language and learning.Learn More

Gingerbread Man Theme Ideas

Here are some ideas when using the story, The Gingerbread Man as a theme.Learn More

Groundhog Day Lesson Ideas

Here are some ideas to celebrate Groundhog Day with young children.Learn More

Halloween and Fall Templates

There are many fall and pumpkin themed templates to help create fun visuals and learning games.Learn More

Halloween Fun with Five Little Pumpkins

Halloween in an early childhood classroom includes pumpkin activities, literature, and games. Check out these free samples and see all the great Five Little Pumpkins materials you can make!Learn More

Hanukkah-Themed Learning

Hanukkah Ideas for the classroom or therapy funLearn More

Ideas for Items in a Science Center

Here is a list of various items that may be included or rotated in a science center.Learn More

I Know an Old Lady...

Books and ideas based on the stories and songs of I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a....Learn More

It All Begins With Core Vocabulary

This overview of core vocabulary provides many resources for instruction with core.Learn More

Labeling the Classroom

Labeling a classroom helps expose children to a print-rich environment as well as provides organization so students know where everything belongs.Learn More

Lesson Plan: The Mitten-Story Characters and Sequence

Lesson Plan for early childhood classrooms to teach characters, story sequence, and details from the story the Mitten. Learn More

Letter and Letter Sounds

Ideas for teaching "Letter of the Week" and letter sounds.Learn More

Literacy Center with Core Vocabulary

Here are some core vocabulary ideas for the Literacy / Language Center in an early childhood classroom.Learn More

Literacy-Teaching about Characters

Students can use LessonPix materials to identify and learn about characters.Learn More

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Lesson Ideas

Lesson Ideas for Martin Luther King Day including Free Writing Sheet.Learn More

Math Center with Core Vocabulary

The math center can be a great place to embed core vocabuary and promote working with peers.Learn More

Memory Game for Teachers

Teachers can create "Memory Games" to teach concepts, promote language, and make learning fun.Learn More

My Friends Bingo

LessonPix allows members to upload their own photos and clip art easily to use in their materials.Learn More

Pirate Day

"Talk Like a Pirate" Day fun activities for the classroom, speech therapy, and OT.Learn More

Scavenger Hunt

Create a Scavenger Hunt game with LessonPix to encourage early literacy in young children.Learn More

Science Center

Ideas on how to create or enhance an Early Childhood Science Center.Learn More

Science Center with Core Vocabulary

The science center provides great opportunities for questions and comments with core vocabulary.Learn More

Snowman Theme Ideas

Learning About Winter- Check out some Snowman Theme Ideas.Learn More

St. Patrick's Day Lesson Ideas

Early Childhood lesson ideas for St. Patrick's day fun.Learn More

Talking Core with Different Levels of Communicators

To plan for core instructions, we divide student populations of communicators into 3 categories: fluent, beginning, and emerging.Learn More

Thanksgiving Theme Pictures and Rhymes

The Thanksgiving Theme provides a great foundations for lessons on food, cultures, history, traditions, manners, and sharing.Learn More

The Art Center with Core Vocabulary

Here are Ideas to use core vocabulary within the art center.Learn More

The Evolution of Printables

Are worksheets appropriate in an early childhood classroom? A look at the evolution and appropriatianess of worksheets.Learn More

Theme Boxes for the Science Center

Ideas for Theme boxes, which can be rotated in a center to keep it fresh and motivating.

Learn More

Using visuals to follow directions: My Lego Ladybug

Using visuals to follow directions: building a Lego Ladybug.Learn More

Valentines Day

Fun Learning Activities you can easily create related to Valentines DayLearn More

Valentines Ideas with Core

Valentines Ideas for the classroom with a focus on Core Vocabulary.Learn More

What Is Core Vocabulary?

Core Vocab is a small yet powerful set of words that is the building blocks of all communication. Learn more on what is core and find resources to help promote core vocabulary instruction.Learn More

Word Walls Made Easy

Word Walls are a commons tool used in many classrooms today. LessonPix has a Material called, "Picture and Word Cards" that allow you to create cards for the word wall.Learn More